"Spend my evenings down the riverside, my favorite place when you're not here,

awaiting dusk to throw a tinted smile, for every nightfall brings you near."


"Our own roof."


"Me and I are not friends, she is only an acquaintance.
I hate dreaming of being alone, cause you are never there"

Fräulein Fuchs

"Leave me high and be my lover,

slip inside my eyes and burn the other life"


"But you, you'll always find another place to go.

You'll always find another wound to grow"

Nasti & Manuel

"Augen auf, sieh uns an, was siehst du dann?
Stellst du dir auch das Ende vor, vor jedem neuen Anfang?"

Fräulein Fuchs

"Give me everything good, and I'll throw it away,

I wish that I could quit but I can't stand the shakes"